Over 25 years of experience in sales and more than 17 years of entrepreneurship have allowed Christian Hofmann to mature into an entrepreneurial personality. He has become an expert in sales, administrative technology and predicting human behavior.

Christian Hofmann found that paper and pen are important tools for gaining control over professional and personal challenges. Writing allows one to establish a great level of conceptual understanding and helps direct attention and thought.

The book “Wolf – Confront the Pain” offers helpful knowledge, strategies, examples and comparisons between humans and wolves. The data will help you to manage your daily work more effectively.

Christian Hofmann has studied the life of wolves and analyzed pack behavior. He studied social behavior in the wolf pack and found analogies to human behavior. The author came across the terms Omega and Alpha Wolf and developed the Alpha Z method. This is extremely effective. It helps to locate weak points in professional life and establish a strength from them.

Autor Christian Hofmann mit seinem Buch


About the book

Business is like an alpha dog. It hardly ever forgives. Failed business efforts, failed promotions, financial failure – all are parts of its fangs.

Tired of taking their bites and running away with your tail between your legs?

Are you ready to take what is rightfully yours?

Do you want to sink your teeth into the carcass that is success?

In Wolf – Confront the Pain, we go into detail on how you can avoid the Alpha’s bites and bite back.

You’ll learn how to sharpen your teeth, how to become part of the pack, and how to howl. All of this will help them achieve better results on the job.

The genesis & background

Christian Hofmann has studied the life of wolves and realized that social structures in wolf packs are similar to human behavior in groups.

Christian Hofmann got his main knowledge for the book Wolf – confront the pain by visiting the Wolf Science – Research Center in Austria / Ernstbrunn. In addition, he studied video documentaries and videos from animal parks, which documented the coexistence of wolves.

He came across the term Omegawolf and realized that the wolf pack behaved pejoratively towards this category of wolf. Opposite to this is the alpha wolf. He leads the pack.

Christian Hofmann compared and evaluated alpha and omega behavior. From these findings he developed a method to improve the daily work of humans. The book deals with important topics that should be confronted in order to achieve more success in professional life.

Christian Hofmann hält stolz sein Buch in Händen


Christian Hofmann provides you with highly focused knowledge and effective strategies from over 25 years of professional experience. The book, video course and audiobook were created to establish you as an alpha in business in the shortest possible time.

Learning, training and applying are the three pillars on which the Alpha Z Method is built and will help to increase your performance in your job.


Putting thoughts and feelings in writing helps to process emotionally stressful experiences and promote mental as well as physical health. You are able to direct your attention and create creatively.

Writing helps you confront problems and catapult yourself into the present and future with your thoughts. It is liberating to be engaged in creating something new, and you will experience uplifting feelings when you work on your own book project and hold your own work in your hands. A book project is fun and serves as self-actualization.


Christian Hofmann will be happy to help you with your book project. With the service – Ghost Writing – you can have your book written. For this purpose you can arrange a non-binding initial meeting with Christian Hofmann. You save time and still have the opportunity to underpin your professional activity or expertise with a book. From the book cover to the book design and proofreading, everything is organized by Christian Hofmann. He puts his broad network at your disposal and helps you to present your book, including all rights, to a broad readership at the speed of light. Take advantage of Christian Hofmann’s experience from over 10 years of authoring and take a shortcut.

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Benefit from more than a quarter of a century of professional experience!

In intensive one-on-one coaching sessions, Christian Hofmann is at your disposal. You will learn the Alpha Writing Method and be empowered to realize your book project.

You will get important tools and shortcuts on the way to your own book and get on the fast track.


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